Tuesday, July 09, 2013


The question that haunts me perennially is Why
Once again I reflect on this unresolved mystery with a contemplative sigh

Why I seek to do what I seek to do
Why do I hold this goal so dear to me, so true?

Why am I where I am right now
A question whose depth I just fail to gauge somehow

How will we do is a question frivolous and shallow
It can appease for the short term, but long term pains it doesn't mellow

An innocuous little one is the question When
If you answer it without why or what, you are in big trouble then

So there lies just one that really matters
Sometimes it breaks hearts, sometimes our concepts it shatters

The unanswered Why takes away the sheen from the what, the when, the how
But for those who have answered this question, I take a humbling bow.

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