Friday, March 21, 2008

Grace of the Guru

Who is a Guru, people often ask. The answers are varied. Whenever I answer the question, my answer is that our life and life in general is like a maze where we somehow need to reach the exit. You can reach the exit by finding out the right path on your own through the millions and millions of doorways in the maze. A Guru is someone who already knows this maze in and out. And if you give Him the opportunity to lead you to the exit, He will take you through the perfect doorways and make you reach your final destination, divine love, much quicker than you can even imagine.

So, when we need something in life, we pray to the Guru. And the Guru makes it happen innumerable number of times. How can this happen? For this, we need to look at another way of looking at the meaning of Guru. My Guruji says that Guru is nothing but the Self, the awakened spirit. He is not outside you, but right within.

There is the famous saying from the Alchemist, "When you really want something to happen, the whole Universe conspires so that your wish comes true". When you pray to your Guru, you pray to your own inner self with a deep sincerity for what you want. And that part of your awakened spirit leads to the entire Universe making it happen for you. The Guru makes you aware of your own power - the power of Self!

But, all this can happen only through the awakening of the spirit, through the rise of the Guru's grace within you, through that special connection which can move the world and the Universe - that special connection with the Guru.

Jai Gurudev :)

I love my Guru

- Shreyans' soul

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Aj said...

Guru is an awakened spirit. One who knows the maze. One who has seen the exit but chose to stay behind and help others get by. Guru is more a state of mind than a real person. No one can show you where to go. One can point us in the right direction but cannot say how long this journey is and what to do when you get there. Life is a journey where you have no guides. Your instinct and your knowledge are your compass and maps. Use them to get to where you want to go. The destination is where your heart wants to go and not where you are asked to go.

Disclaimer: Each to his own :)