Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Power of Breath

You stop when your breath stops. The only thing that keeps you moving, that keeps you alive is your breath. Even after your breath stops, your body will continue to exist. Then what role does the breath play? It plays the role of associating your mind, thoughts and feelings, that is to say, it plays the role of associating your complete life with your body.

Let us look at an example of how the breath associates thoughts and feelings with the body. Observe your breath when you get angry. Your breath would be heavier than usual. Or when you have run a great distance. You start taking quick short gasps of breath. Or when you are at total peace with your ownself doing what you enjoy doing. Just observe how the breath fluctuates.

Basically, the breath changes as per the thought, emotion, feel or even the state of exhaustion of your body. The breath is the reflection of your current state of mind and body, it is your present.

But this gives rise to a new question: Just as the emotion affects the breath, can the breath affect the emotion? Can I change my style of breathing and thus, change my current state of mind? Yes, I can! Just to think of it, we do this so many times in our regular life. Before an exam or an interview when one is too nervous, one starts taking deep breaths to calm himself down. Changing the breath pattern from short gasps to deep breaths changes your state of mind!

So, isn't knowing your breath the best way to control your mind? Indeed, it is! If we look at the Indian yogis, all their exercises lay a deep focus on breath. Yoga, which is said to be the union of mind, body and soul, lays immense stress on breathing correctly while performing the physical exercises.

The very core essence of meditation is breath. So, get in control of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings - your very existence through your breath. Use your breath as the tool to change your life for ever. Go meditate!

[The author strongly recommends the Art of Living course for anyone who wishes to learn meditation and get control of his/her own life through his/her breath
Breathing is the first act of our life. Within the breath is the secret of life. "
-Sri Sri]

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